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100/150W, 4ohm, 45-125Hz, 85dB
We are proud to present the CT CENTER 80 , specially designed for Dolby®-Surround applications. This is a highly compact system for the home video centre channel (240 x 105 x 200 mm; fitted with 2 x SC 8 8 Ohm , 1 x SC 5 8 Ohm ). This loudspeaker has well-balanced sound qualities. For this reason, we recommend using two CT CENTER 80 's as satellite speakers in conjunction with a specially designed subwoofer as main loudspeakers. The CT CENTER 80 speaker is then used three times: as the centre speaker and as a main loudspeaker with a subwoofer booster. This sub/sat system is also well suited to compact hi-fi stereo systems. For the subwoofer , the bandpass principle has been chosen, since it is only this arrangement with a passive crossover unit that the low cut-off frequency of 125 Hz can be achieved at the same time as a high slope rate . The system uses two magnetically shielded W 130 SC 4 Ohm loudspeakers, each supplied by one channel (R+L). The high pass for hooking up the satellite speakers is also integrated in the crossover unit. The frequency curve shows that we have managed to raise the slope rate to such a level that the subwoofer cannot be located. Furthermore, the satellite speakers are freed of their subwoofer content, which means they come across extremely clearly even at high output levels. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the CT SUB 80 system can be placed discretely anywhere in the room and the magnetically shielded subwoofer can even be used as a base for a TV set. The frequency curve also shows that the system has remarkably good efficiency for its size - and retains a voluminous, even warm sound character. The spatial reproduction is extremely good - a characteristic of smaller satellite speakers. The CT SUB 80 system when combined with the CT CENTER 80 and two CT EFFECT 80 's will provide an excellent surround starter set, that will present the listener with centrally placed dialogues, background noises and dramatic sound effects that all in all will put you right at the heart of the action.
Кутията се изработва от според технологичните чертежи на VISATON и в желания от Вас цвят. Цената им се формира в зависимост от вида на покритието ( боя или фурнир ) и използвания лак и байц. При проявен интерес, можете да ги поръчате при нас, или да Ви предоставим технологичните чертежи на VISATON.
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