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120/180W, 4ohm, 55-30000Hz, 84dB

This version of the COUPLET has been specifically designed for use as a centre speaker in multichannel systems. The drivers and crossover fitted are the same as in the original COUPLET . However, instead of the bass reflex arrangement, a smaller, enclosed housing has been selected. This saves space. The loss of deep-bass that this involves is of no consequence if the centre channel is run in small mode, since this means the bass below 80 or 100 Hz is transferred to the main speakers or subwoofer .
Normally, there is not enough space to stand the cabinet up in a bookshelf, or above or below the TV set. If it is laid on its side, the radiation pattern will suffer as a result of the horizontal sound focussing effect. This will be noticed if the listener is seated to one side of the optimum seating position. As a result, this sample arrangement places the tweeter outside the main axis while the woofers are moved closer together.
Use of these speakers in the vicinity of a TV set requires the drivers to be magnetically shielded. Otherwise, there will be distortions and incorrect colouration on the screen . The G 20 SC 8 Ohm tweeter used here is already magnetically shielded. The AL 130 8 Ohm mid-bass units can easily be shielded using the KM 80 compensating magnet which is simply glued to the rear of the magnet system. One KM 80 per driver will lead to a reduction in the scatter field and, in many cases, a second KM 80 will lead to even greater improvement. This will depend on the sensitivity of the TV set and the exact position of the speakers.

Цената на тонколоните е за пълен комплект, за брой, без кутиите.

Кутиите се изработват от MDF според технологичните чертежи на VISATON и в желания от Вас цвят. Цената им се формира в зависимост от вида на покритието ( боя или фурнир ) и използвания лак и байц. При проявен интерес, можете да ги поръчате при нас, или да Ви предоставим технологичните чертежи на VISATON.
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