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1189.17 лв.
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200/350W, 4ohm, 28-25000Hz, 84dB

The VOX 253-CENTER is the corresponding centre speaker to match the VOX 253 . This is a horizontal speaker equipped with identical drivers. The TIW 250 XS 8 OHM bass speaker and a BR 14.70 tube are positioned to left and right of the mid- to high-range unit, which is arranged vertically, behind a fabric-covered frame. If required, the drivers in the speaker can be fitted with compensating magnets to shield them magnetically. The VOX 253-CENTER has the same excellent sound properties as the VOX 253. The reproduction of the unbelievably sonorous low-range bass and, at the same time, extremely clear-cut mid- and high-range reproduction, is mastered effortlessly by the VOX 253-CENTER .

This centre speaker is the ideal choice if you want to build up a multi-channel system around the VOX 253 , that will appeal to both seasoned music lovers and aficionados of the cinema.

Цената е за брой, за пълен комплект, без кутията.

Кутиите се изработват от MDF според технологичните чертежи на VISATON и в желания от Вас цвят. Цената им се формира в зависимост от вида на покритието ( боя или фурнир ) и използвания лак и байц. При проявен интерес, можете да ги поръчате при нас, или да Ви предоставим технологичните чертежи на VISATON.

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